What the luck is going on?

29 Jan

When does the bad luck hit your door?

When you think about it too much? When you wake up on the wrong side? When you pass under a ladder? When you lose your charm?

When you haven’t been that nice?

Is luck like Santa? A list for the nice and a list for the naughty.

If you’ve been naughty it rains every time you forget your umbrella. Your wallet has a hole at the bottom. Your dog prefers your shoes for dinner. You always have bad tv signal. And radio signal. Your neighbor gives you the evil look instead of “good morning”. You Tube never uploads any videos. Your boss never smiles. Your coffee is always cold. Guys never call back. You lose the bus in front of your eyes. You have to wait for 15 minutes in the cold for the next one. The waiters forget the free cookies for you. You pass next to a hole filled with dirt water. That exact second a car passes over it. The milk in your cereals has gone bad. Your phone gets stolen in a shop with sweet treats.  All your ex-girlfriends married the guy after you. You bite your tongue eating ice cream. Your car is more days broken than fine. You step in dog poo every second Monday. You see a black cat every morning.

Guess what..It’s your cat.

Some people say there’s no such thing as luck. We make our luck.

Others that it’s all about luck. If it’s meant to happen it will happen.

The thing is how you handle your good or bad luck or even your lack of luck.

You think positive and keep going with the head up and the heart full of hope. You eat jelly beans. You dance at your favorite song. You sing in the bathroom. You dance in the rain. You kiss a stranger. You talk to stray dogs. You buy the beggar a bread. You smile like a fool when he/she calls. You eat ice cream in the winter. You run like a crazy person. You laugh out loud from the bottom of your stomach. You cry. You scream. You love. You live. Today. Now. For you. For the people around you. With the things you have.

With or without luck..

You set all the balloons free. To reach the sky.



25 Jan

There is a place where the pink of the sky meets the blue of the ocean and the frozen salty water drops make you wonder what is real and what is a fairytale..

We were driving for a couple hours with the scenery outside the window changing every ten minutes. The gumtrees with the white slim figure were succeeded by green fields with millions of fragile red poppies or deep green bushes with tiny pink-white blossoms after a crystal clear river running angry,  following the road for a few minutes.

While we were setting up our tent, a wallaby was observing us, wondering maybe why we needed a roof to hide under if we could sleep with the dark sky and the shiny, flaming stars over our hearts.

We found a place protected from the cold wind with big,spiky bushes all around it, creating an imperfect circle.

Behind our shelter was a downhill with white, powdery sand and the infinite rough ocean with it’s spumy edges blurring the freezing water.

We were talking for hours and hours. Hours that were enough to fill the speechless months in Sydney. We were talking about love, secrets and feelings strong enough to change ones mind.

We were walking along the silvery lines of water that were reflecting the light blue and pink colors of the sunset behind the dunes. The sound of the fingers on the chores was matching the steady tunes of the waves meeting the shore and it felt like that was the music for our consolation.

With two bottles of cheap white wine, we lied down in our sleeping bags on the solid, crisp sand and let the wind cool our red warm cheeks and take away our wishes and dreams for the future..a future with more, less tangled, love..

We were new each of those two mornings. With heavy head but the mind clear, we would start the discussion again from where we had left it the previous night before the words take form and life in our dreams and nightmares.

We made wishes to the falling stars and we socked our bodies in the freezing Tasman sea. We walked in the Australian bush and we collected shells under the sun. We drove listening to Angus singing about the Yellow Brick Road. We had cous cous with sweet baked beans for dinner and rose wine in clay coffee cups.

She wrote, “Sometimes you need to be stuck in a tent or a car with someone for 48 hours to really get to know them” (kindofamazing). We got to know each other and we got to know ourselves.We got a friendship back and we cried, laughed and believed in the same love…

Before I get there, many people told me it is a boring place. When I left that place, it felt like I was stepping away from a magic place and a week so interesting, exciting, emotional and nostalgic, as few weeks in my life are gonna be…

So, with a mug full of white wine, I say cheers to Tasmania and the everlasting fairytales!

For ever…

23 Jan

There’s a small moment of happiness where the “La vachue qui rit” I’m eating makes my fingers sticky, my breath smells from just that one sip of cognac I had, I’m listening music of my school years melancholy and I’m dreaming of tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will wake up at 9, I’ll make an omelet with one egg, turkey, salt, pepper and olive oil. I will squeeze two juicy oranges and I will start my day full. I want to study, feel confident, just for once, that I will make it for the exams. I know that my perfectionism never lets me surrender to this feeling of confidence. I’m never enough.

I would like to live on my own. To wake up in the morning with all the shutters closed and I, wearing that less, to open each one of them in every room letting the morning dew make each hair on my body shiver.

I would like to live with him. And awaken now, making him french toast and pasta flora, drinking coffee with him and thinking every day how lucky I am having him on my side.

I would like to live on my own. Having shower with cold water, turning the music loud to sound in the bathroom, drying my hair dancing, wearing my highest heels and my most ethereal dress and going out to meet the night.

I would like to live with him. Filling the bath tub with boiling hot water and lighting candles in the bathroom. Having a bath together, drinking wine and laughing at how ridiculous we look in all this cheesy romance.

I would like to live on my own. To have a love disappointment and to sleep for 5 days in a row and then wake up in a house that instead of saying “good morning” to me, to be saying “welcome” because it will be my home.

I would like to live with him. Knocking on each other’s door after a fight and making the exact same thoughts while we’re waiting for a door to open. And when that door opens to remember how silly I was being mad for something so stupid.

I would like to be a bit older, having 10 subjects pending for my bachelor degree and take the decision to come live with you. We will find a house close to the sea and fill it with love. We will make a beautiful kitchen to cook a little bit of our future every day.

We will give space to each other and time to our relationship. We will choose a low bed that will bring us close to the earth and the reality without letting us forget where we step and where we wanna go. We will hang see-through, white curtains that will let the light and the sky in and we might get a piece of that sky one day. I will open a little shop and sell all the things I make. I will fill it with ideas and handmade things. I will make my own cosmetics and serve “Τεμένια” lemonade and sweet treats.

You will love me and I will love you back, not because I have to, but because I want to. I will be able to leave whenever I get bored and you’ll be able to leave me when you won’t stand me anymore.
And that’s my “for ever”.

Written by Melina
(This is a translation from the original post at http://denmoukaigetaikarfi.blogspot.com/)

Hide and seek…

6 Jan

I didn’t have a map on my hands or in my mind. I hadn’t heard the name of any street before. The only think I knew was that if I find Federation Square I’ll be fine..

Got off train at Flinders street and walked out. Trams, trees and good looking people. I walked straight ahead through Degraves street without knowing where I’m going. I had time till the sun would set behind the buildings, to get lost, explore and discover the city.

Cafes, patisseries, lunch places and a few clothes shops were trapped in the narrow pedestrian alley with people everywhere at 1 in the afternoon. The smells of the first rain drops, pasta, eggs, coffee, women perfume, toasted bread, freshly squeezed orange and just baked cake were hypnotizing you. You crave to have a taste from everything and a photo of everything, so that you will never forget them.

Men in suits, women in high heals, blond backpackers, chocolate skin travelers with maps and wondering eyes, girls with shopping bags, couples kissing for a second while deciding where they’ll have lunch, boys in smart casual pants and cardigans reading the paper, fellow workers talking and eating fast at their break, a jazz band playing in a corner at the background and the kitchen guys smoking leaning on the covered with posters and graffiti wall…

And that’s pretty much how my romance with this city began. Melbourne…

Falling for Melbs

4 Jan

Melbourne is not just a city..it’s THE city!!!

Many Australians love Sydney for its beaches and the good weather but unfortunately this winter and spring had been cold and rainy. Melbourne on the other hand is known to always be the cold and rainy city, so it can be beautiful and fun even if the sun is not out.

I fell in love with the streets, the busy of color brick walls and the funky bikes. I fell in love with the river, even if it’s brown and the big green plane trees on the sides of the streets. I fell for the romantic arcades and the old trams crossing sky and earth. I fell for the air of fresh rain in the alleys and the parks, for the people of Brunswick street and the cool cafes where you don’t rush to lea(i)ve…

What I love in Melbourne is its character. Creative, doggy, musical, casual, fresh and vibrant!







1 Jan

I had promised to myself I wouldn’t let the blog un-updated. Obviously, I didn’t manage to keep my promise, but I have a good excuse…

We sit for hours and hours in front of our computer screens waiting for the real fun in life to come and take as by the hand. Well, it doesn’t really! We have to get out there, let ourselves unprotected, available to get hurt and ready to be thrilled to death. Only then, we can take our eyes of our cyber, hypnotizing world…

Oh, I’m not gonna lie, on the contrary, I will proudly declare that my name is Christina and I’m a Facebook-holic. Spending hours waiting for something amazing to happen or for a new status update that will change my life or looking at old photos again and again. I won’t say I’m over it yet either. But, I can say that I would like to be able to delete my Facebook profile without second thought and turn back to those days where your friends were 2, 5 or 10 and not 100, 450 or even some thousands!

My point from all this is, that Ι spend about a month, my last time in Australia, not checking my Facebook every 5 minutes. I was spending more time out there, at the real deal, laughing with sound, looking at places in real time and tasting life for myself…

So now, I have to  recall moments of at least the 2 last months of my life in Australia that I loved in a tangled, unusual way.

Spring Fairs…

31 Oct

The last Saturday of October was warm and feisty!

There is no better lunch for a sunny Saturday than an almond meringue from La Banette, this amazing French style patisserie at the end of Glebe Point Road where you actually feel like you are no more in Sydney, but somewhere in Paris and you have all those amazingly good looking pastry based creations to choose from…I just stick to my meringue…Yum yum!

Just before the Crave Food Festival come to its end, the Food and Wine Fair in Hyde Park, gives the chance for a nice gourmet pik nik with excellent wine tasting in the beautiful gardens.

Lunch by the fountain!

Gourmet tasting…

Time for something sweet ♥

Sun protection in style

The “must have” bag of the month (the Crave one!)

And the super size muffins from Gloria Jean’s coffee shop!

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